Ecosystem is the future

Rather than today separate systems for job matching, we strive for a digital ecosystem where services from different vendors can flourish together making superior opportunities for jobseekers and employers. In the heart of the ecosystem there are a number of core components which is described below. We are convinced that competition leads to better customer services. By providing these ecosystem core components we hope today competition continues, but at a higher level and faster pace.


In order to make it easier for employers and jobseekers we will provide an online catalog for the digital services. We call it Jobstore.

Skills taxonomy

When matching employers demand with jobseekers profile, it is crucial to use a common description of skills. Therefore a skills taxonomy is one of the core components.

CV handler

We believe people want to own their personal data; no matter what digital service they use. And we are quite sure that soon people will claim rights to easily move their data between digital services. We aim to develop a CV handler with a “edit once –update everywhere” concept. A concept that allows your CV data to be accessible from every digital service in the ecosystem, but only by the one person holding the key - namely you.

Vacancy hub

When it comes to vacancies, we think it would be great if digital service providers could offer employers with the opportunity to easily reach the whole labor market. This we will make possible with a vacancy hub.

Matching engine

The most sophisticated core component is the matching engine. Unlike a search engine, it handles both the request and the offer. The underlying data comes from the CV handler, the Vacancy hub, and the Skills taxonomy.

Jobtech Developer

The Jobtech Developer website is a toolbox that will contain access and support for the ecosystem core components. But already you will find several open assets and other developer resources on the website.

Happy coding!

The Jobtech Developer team


Open Data Nordic Forum

Welcome to the first Nordic Open Data Forum that will take place in Stockholm in November. The first Nordic Open Data Forum event will take place in Stockholm, 20-21 November 2017. Open Data has quickly become an important issue for all of us and a key component when building the future internet. The synergies between the Nordic countries are many and it’s time we meet and talk. .

Job Market Ontology

Ontology created from job postings


Pre release of Jobstore 1.0

Jobtech forum

Jobtech forum

2017 Q4
Jobtech Dev

Presentation of to the public at Almedalen


Created the first Platsbanken widget

2017 Q2

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