Open by default

We think reusing and sharing assets is a catalyst for community, innovation and acceleration of Sweden’s democratic value-system, in all its forms.

The goal is to promote the development of products and services that increase user empowerment, matching accuracy and effectiveness, and is a prerequisite for the users lifelong development.

The best way to reach there is to be transparent, open and accessible to anyone who wants to promote and develop matching. 

In order to make this happen, we believe it’s time to embrace open source as a baseline strategy. Why reinvent the wheel? We want you to be able to focus on creating the best solutions to the real problems instead. Ease of integration and migration is an easy argument, as is the diversity of ideas created around community-shared challenges. The list can be made very long.

Where to start and how to contribute?

We want - and need - input from the community on this one! How do we create the best possible platform and community in order to make our vision come true? What do you want, and need?

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