Our vision

An open digital infrastructure that enables people to meet. All actors can easily contribute with their data and code - as well as take part of others’.

JobTech vision

Roles in an ecosystem

Infrastructure builders, developers/organisations, and end-users, have unique needs and motivations for participating in an ecosystem.

Better matching

For infrastructure builders (The Swedish Public Employment Service acts as one), building a digital infrastructure increases the efficiency in matching and stimulates the creation of more digital services.
All actors in the labour market can share data and collaborate. The more actors who contribute, private as well as from the public sector, the better matching. Therefore, we would like to see more players in the labour market join.

Low barrier to entry

For developers, a digital infrastructure lower entry barriers by providing a shared foundation to use as a starting point for their own work. They also provide access to a prospective customer pool, which can find and transact with the app developers more easily through the platform than they could without it.

1. JobTech dev    - Sharing assets that is hard to find, build or buy.
2. JobTech store  - A app store for the labour market end-users
3. JobTech search - Opensource search service
4. JobTech jobs   - All jobs aggregated in one place
5. JobTech myData - Making labour market competences available

Variety of services for end-users

For end-users, a digital infrastructure can allow extreme levels of customization to their unique needs by enabling them to themselves mix-and-match apps that increase their personal utility of the platform.