Work with us


Within JobTech we’re constantly challenging old ways of working and old techniques. We’re focusing on using all the opportunities new technology can offer to create new, innovative, valuable solutions and assets for the labour market.


In order for this to happen we need to find the right people to join us - and now we’re coming to find new teammates in Norrbotten! We want to find people who are passionate to work together with others and make a difference, and we’re convinced that we’ll find our next competent colleagues outside Stockholm.


We believe that work/life balance is key to a good team performance. Providing possibilities for remote working, flex time and a flat organization is something we feel very strongly about. “Skills speaks louder than titles” is a guiding star we’re extra happy to live by. But, we plan to make the new office in Piteå into something special, and a place you want to go.


Empowering the citizens of Sweden by working in a transparent way is a big thing for us. We want to engage and invite to collaboration and co-creation in several ways - and a prerequisite for that is to provide open projects, open data and open source to the best of our abilities.

1 + 1 = 3

A knowledge sharing mentality, curiosity, a hunger for learning and willingness to try, test and fail are all traits we value. Combined with working with small, quick releases based in the iterative design thinking process we think we have a recipe for magic!


Don’t hesitate, become a part of our team! Come back soon - we post all ads here when available.