In this area you will find APIs to help you develop use for the labour market. At each api site you will find information about the API and how to request an Api key.

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Af Jobs

The open API “Af Jobs ” for job advertisements will be replaced in 2019 with a new version, the closure will take place on the last of November. The support of the current version will end at September 1, 2019.

Af Occupation Forecast

API Af Occupation Forecasts contains 1 and 5 years forecasts for different occupations. The Forecasts are made and published in February 2018.

Af Occupation info

AF Occupation info is an API, containing descriptions of nearly 350 different occupations. The API is supposed to be used by anyone who wants to download texts and descriptions of one or more professions from the Swedish Public Employment Service Profession A-Ö application.

Job search

Our job search API is a search engine for all the current job ads from Platsbanken. The aim is to make a simple yet versatile API that should suit anyone building any kind of application involving data from job ads.

Job stream

JobStream API for those who are building applications and needs to store all ads locally. With JobStream you can fetch all changes in ads once a minute. nNew, removed or updated ads.


To make matching between employers and job seekers more efficient a common language is needed. A language that lets both people and machines to have meaningful conversations about the job market.


Taxonomy Service contains data commonly used by Arbetsförmedlingen. For example you can find all occupation names, all Unemployment Benefit Societies (a-kassor), local groups (SSYK), and much more.