JobTech Gravity

This repository is the starting point of the Gravity project with documentation and links to Gravity sub-projects.


Our mission with this project is to help job seekers and employers to find each other, to boost innovation within the labor market and to create opportunities for all actors within the industry sector.

Arbetsförmedlingen has made the commitment to implement parts of the MyData principles within the JobTech MyData initiative.

“ MyData Global is a registered non-profit association and a global network with the mission to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data . “
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The ‘JobTech-Gravity’ initiative is about creating a decentralised infrastructure that allows job-seekers to create and manage their CVs in one place and use it on all job sites and Talent Tracking Systems available in Sweden. The application will allow to import the User CV-data from where they are (initially Arbetsförmedlingen or personal file), store it in a PDS (Personal Data Storage) and share it to another destination services.

Arbetsförmedlingen, together with a partner within the private sector, has developed a generic, multi-purpose PoC (Proof of Concept) that enables individuals to store and control who has access to their data and which information they have access to.
Read more about EgenData infrastructure

‘JobTech-Gravity’ is meant as an application built on top of the generic EgenData, that makes the CV-data available to the players who have an interest in reading or writing onto it, upon receiving the appropriate consent from the data owner.


  • User(s): Job-seekers, individually that passively or actively are seeking for employmenet.
  • Client(s): Generally businesses that handles CV-data within the job market (not employers). E.g. Job sites, Talent Tracking Systems, Research agencies etc.

Product description:

An intermediate layer between systems in the labor market where the individual is given the opportunity to handle approval of what information is to be shared and to whom.

Product features:

  • Export of CV-data: An API for retrieving CV data from their source;
  • Import of CV-data: An API allowing third parties to receive CV data;
  • CV-data standardization: A mapping allowing third parties to understand the data sent;
  • User consent: An interface where the individual requests the collection of own data and handles the consent for the data transfer;
  • Data storage: A storage solution for personal data where third parties can only access the information that they have been allowed to access by the data owner.

Architectural constituent:

  • Storage: Users choose where the data should be stored;
  • Consent: A middleware where users handle the consent to transfer their data;
  • Operator: Technical service that coordinates information flows between services;
  • Automation: Handling offline transactions;
  • Encryption: Modules to facilitate and ensure that data is encrypted upon creation, transfer and consumption..

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