Samples and projects

All JobTech projects - big or small - are open source:

  • Widgets: Applications made for you to integrate into your own thing
  • Application: Stand-alone end-user applications
  • Tools: Utilities for developers

  1. Widget - Jobskills - Search candidates
  2. Widget - Vacancies - Show candidates by location
  3. Widget - Job - List job suggestions
  4. Application - aJob - Profiling chat bot
  5. Application - Data Universe - Browse Job in VR
  6. Application - Historical Data analysis - Historical data analysis
  7. Application - JobTech Store - Market place for digital services
  8. Application - JobScanner - Search on all jobs
  9. Tools - GIG API - Gig job integration
  10. Tools - Post Job Ads - Job posting integration

1. Widget - Jobskills

A widget that shows potential candidates from the Jobskills API based from the site in which the widget is placed.

Source code:

2. Widget - Vacancies

Showing the candidates by location.

Source code:

3. Widget - Job

This widget suggests jobs based on the personal data already avaliable in the context in which the widget is placed.

Source code:

4. Application - aJob

This is a prototype of a dialog based user interface that helps to find the a collection of suitable services.


5. Application - Data Universe

Data Universe makes your data accessible and understandable by enabling dynamic exploration and visualization in a Virtual Reality space.

Demo: Data Universe

Source code:

6. Application - Historical Data analysis

Repository for the statistics API and a example app on real data

Live application: Historical Data analysis

Download dataset: historical jobs

Source code: Historical Data analysis repository

7. Application - Jobtech Store

Jobtech Store intends to gather and present thousands of digital labour market services, all in one place. The target audience is wide. Everyone, from students to seniors, who want to take on work and assignments, to people having work needed to be done, and need someone to do it for them, whether it is an employment or some kind of short on-demand job or other “gig”. Jobtech Store will help both end user groups to find digital services that are relevant to their situation and needs and at the same time help the service suppliers to drive relevant traffic to their digital services.

Preview: Jobtech store

Source code:

8. Application - JobScanner

The JobScanner shows the potential and power of collecting all the recruitment needs of the labour market in one place.

Preview: JobScanner application

Source code:

9. Tools - GIG API

Arbetsförmedlingen and Länsstyrelsen Stockholm invite you to participate in a pilot to supply gig jobs! Apply or show your interest by clicking on the link below.

Source code:

10. Tools - Post Job Ads

A SDK written in Ruby to validate and send job ads, developed by

Source code: