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JobTech Development is a part of Arbetsförmedlingen

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The Public Employment Service is tasked with working to improve the functioning of the labor market by effectively combining those who seek employment with those who seek employment and contributing to sustainable and long-term employment growth. We have thus developed and developed digital tools and services aimed at streamlining and promoting the access and use of employment-related information and data that the authority provides to the public.

We call the venture JobTech - an ecosystem for the labor market where ecosystems are defined as a mutually dependent business network that offers innovation and production benefits to its members through electronic exchange. JobTech is aimed at the players who develop digital services for the labor market area. It can be start-up companies, individuals or established players who want to build digital services for the labor market. Our data sources and technology include advertisements, informatics, taxonomy and (own data) technology for transferring CV information between different systems.