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Here we present all the open data you can use completely freely. Open data is information that is available to anyone to use, reuse and share, so that others can develop it and create benefits for more. Feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions on information that you want Arbetsförmedlingen to publish as open data at JobTech Development.

Our APIs are open for anyone to use and develop against, but we would like you to apply for an API key. The main reason for this is, we would like to be able to contact you if we have operational problems or need to inform about something else. How to apply for API key varies a bit depending on which API you want to use, but you will always find the information under each API.

Job Search

Our job search API is a search engine for all the current job ads from Platsbanken. The aim is to make a simple yet versatile API that should suit anyone building any kind of application involving data from job ads.

JobAd Enrichments

JobAd Enrichments API extracts relevant labor market data from job ad texts, making it possible to automatically see what the employers need or request from the job seekers.

Job Stream

JobStream API for those who are building applications and needs to store all ads locally. With JobStream you can fetch all changes in ads once a minute. New, removed or updated ads.

Historical Jobs

This dataset consists of jobpostings published on Platsbanken from the year 2006 and forward.


JobTech Taxonomy contains data used by the Swedish labour market. The data consists of structured lists of concepts that are relevant when matching vacancies with job seekers.


API Af Occupation Forecasts contains 1 and 5 years forecasts for different occupations.