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Here we present all the open data you can use completely freely. Open data is information that is available to anyone to use, reuse and share, so that others can develop it and create benefits for more.

Our APIs are open for anyone to use and develop against, but we would like you to apply for an API key. The main reason for this is, we would like to be able to contact you if we have operational problems or need to inform about something else. How to apply for API key varies a bit depending on which API you want to use, but you will always find the information under each API.

JobAd Enrichments

JobAd Enrichments is an AI solution that automatically identifies relevant words and expressions in job advertisements, while filtering out redundant information, such as skills mentioned in the text but not requested by the job seeker. The API contributes to a more accurate match between employer and job seeker and makes it easier to navigate and quickly find your way around digital advertisement platforms.


JobSearch makes it possible to search and filter among job advertisements published in the Swedish Public Employment Service's advertising platform Platsbanken.


JobStream provides access to all job advertisements that are published in Platsbanken, including real-time information about any changes that occur around or in these advertisements. For example, the changes could be the publishing/unpublishing of advertisements or changes to the advertisement text.

Historical Jobs

Historical Jobs is a dataset with all job advertisements that have been published on Platsbanken since 2006. It also contains metadata (information about position, employer, location, time etc.) and free text information. The dataset is continuously updated.

JobTech Taxonomy

JobTech Taxonomy provides access to concepts and expressions used in the labour market, as well as information about how these are linked to each other. This applies, for example, to professional designations, competence terms or links between professions and competences. The professional designations are structured according to the Standard for Swedish Classification of Occupations (SSYK).


Yrkesprognoser makes it possible to show forecasts of recruitment needs in different professions/professional groups for one and five years respectively. The forecasts are based on interviews with employers that are conducted twice a year by Statistics Sweden/the Swedish Public Employment Service. The API also provides information on the competitive situation a job seeker can expect in different professions/professional groups.