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Yrkesprognoser makes it possible to show forecasts of recruitment needs in different professions/professional groups for one and five years respectively. The forecasts are based on interviews with employers that are conducted twice a year by Statistics Sweden/the Swedish Public Employment Service. The API also provides information on the competitive situation a job seeker can expect in different professions/professional groups.

The API is especially useful for companies and organisations that offer professional and study guidance services and wish to help their customers/target groups make informed decisions for career and study choices. It is also useful for other actors who want in-depth insights into developments in the labour market.

The API is freely available.

Yrkesprognoser will be deprecated, new prognosis will not be published. There is ongoing work in order to make occupation forecasts for 2021. Date for publication is not set. The forecasts for 2021 will be avaliable by downloading (a download link will be published here).
COVID 19: Covid-19 has changed the labour market situation for some professions. The forecasts that should be interpreted with caution are marked in the file Bedömmningar att flagga.