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Stream API for job ads - getting started

The aim of this text is to walk you through what you’re seeing in the Swagger-UI to give you can download all of the job ads we have. This is much better than using the search API to download all content.

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Short introduction

The endpoints for the ads search API are:

  • Stream - returning all active ads that have been updated after a given moment.

Easiest way to try out the API is to go to the swagger page. But first you need a key which you need to authenticate yourself.


For this API, you will need to register to get your own API key at


Below we only show the URLs. If you prefer the curl command, you type it like:

curl "{URL}" -H "accept: application/json" -H "api-key: {proper_key}"


/stream?{search text}

The stream endpoint in the first section will return job ads that are currently open for applications. Great if you like to rebase your data.

If you only want to get the updates from a certain time point you add it in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS, for example 2019-06-11T10:00:00. Rate limit is one request per minute.

If you’re looking for more advanced search options, please check our JobSearch API.


The results of your queries will be in JSON format. We won’t attempt to explain this attribute by attribute in this document. Instead we’ve decided to try to include this in the data model which you can find in our Swagger GUI.

Successful queries will have a response code of 200 and give you a result set that consists of: 1. Some meta data about your search such as number of hits and the time it took to execute the query and 2. The ads that matched your search.


Unsuccessful queries will have a response code of:

HTTP Status code Reason Explanation
400 Bad Request Something wrong in the query
401 Unauthorized You are not using a valid API key
429 Rate limit exceeded You requested too much during too short time
500 Internal Server Error Something wrong on the server side

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Last modified January 5, 2017