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Here you will find current projects within JobTech Development. All activities are “open by default” and we welcome comments and ideas.


A widget that gives access to job ads from Swedish Employment Agency. It allows you to filter on occupation and/or area.

Connect Once

This API allows individual cv data stored in Arbetsförmedlingen’s MinProfil to be transfer to another service upon user consent

Data Universe

Data Universe makes your data accessible and understandable by enabling dynamic exploration and visualization in a Virtual Reality space.


EgenData is a distributed and decentralized CV data storage where the read / write access is made available to others under the control and consent of the data owner.

Etik och matchning

Projektet syftar till att lyfta frågor om etik och hållbarhet kopplat till digital matchning.


Together with the largest advertising sites in Sweden, we are running a pilot project to gather all jobs in one place.


The JobScanner shows the potential and power of collecting all the recruitment needs of the labour market in one place. Please note that it's current in demo and operates on historical data.

JobTech Atlas

A site where you can browse JobTech Taxonomy data.

JobTech Store

JobTech Store intends to gather and present thousands of digital labour market services, all in one place.


Open data platforms and Trafiklab, together with Lund University gather and share knowledge, insights and tools for conducting operational activities around open data, open data platforms and open source code. This is an initiative of the Swedish Employment Service in collaboration with Digg, the Internet Foundation and SKR