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Source code

All source code is shared and nothing is hidden from users.
The definition of open source comes from

Transparency Policy

JobTech Development is covered by a transparency policy developed with inspiration from Debian Social Contract, an established and well-known way of working for open source:

The business within JobTech Development will benefit more people if it is open and accessible. Open source benefits all actors who want to contribute to the development of digital services and also makes it easier for those who want to review the business. If there are grounds for limiting transparency, no more than what is deemed necessary shall be exempted from the transparency rule.

All source code is shared and nothing is hidden. The source code must be able to be downloaded, used, distributed and changed without any requirement for consideration. The source code is distributed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative. Anyone should be able to contribute with a source code and / or make suggestions for improvements. At, it must be clear how the contributions are handled. Please read our contribution policy.

Our repositories:

JobTech Swe

At Jobtech Swe github organistation, you will find some of our ongoing projects.


At MagnumOpuses you will find more of our repositories.


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