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Source code

All source code is shared and nothing is hidden from users.
The definition of open source comes from

Transparency Policy

This policy covers all projects run by the JobTech unit that is part of the Employment Service. JobTech makes open data available and enables the use of this data. The policy describes the employees of the unit JobTech's position regarding openness towards their users. Inspiration comes from Debian Social Contract. Comments are welcome. We are also committed to making it easy to contribute and use the open infrastructure.

Tax financing requires sharing

The results of JobTech's operations benefit many if it is available and open. Open source is good for those who want to contribute to better services and for those who want to review the authority's activities. Where there is reason to limit transparency, no more than is necessary to exclude sharing.

All source code is open and will remain open

All source code from JobTech is shared and nothing is hidden. The source code should be downloadable, used, disseminated and changed without consideration by anyone. The source code is distributed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative. All initiatives are open to source code contributions or other improvement suggestions from anyone. At, it should be clearly stated how contributions are handled. Please read our contribution policy here.

Our repositories:

JobTech Swe

At Jobtech Swe github organistation, you will find some of our ongoing projects.


At MagnumOpuses you will find more of our repositories.


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