JobTech development collaborates with Lund University

Through the Jobtech Research initiative, researchers from Lund University will study the Swedish Public Employment Service (SPES) and the realization of the JobTech platform, and thereby their move from being a service provider to becoming a service enabler.

The JobTech platform provides an infrastructure of open innovation, allowing an ecosystem of third-party organizations and private citizens to create new technologies, products, and services based on resources released by SPES to the platform, such as open source software, data, application programming interfaces, and standards. The JobTech platform enables ecosystem members to collaborate and co-create, potentially resulting in improved job-matching capabilities, accelerated innovation, and new business opportunities, as well as reduced costs through shared maintenance and shorter time-to-market.

The lead researcher, Johan Linåker, has earlier focused on how software-intensive companies can make decisions on what to share as open source software, and how to engage with the communities developing the software, that is in line with the organizations’ business objectives. In the Jobtech Research project, Johan will, for example, investigate how to create incentives for joining and collaborating within the ecosystem, how SPES should orchestrate and facilitate the collaboration, and how the ecosystem’s health may be measured and sustained. The goal of the research project is both to contribute to a successful realization of the Jobtech platform, and to generalize practices that can be used by other organization within the public sector to exploit the benefits of open innovation in any ongoing or future digital transformations.

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