APIs and Datssets

We offer a large number of APIs and datasets relevant for labour market applications. Continue to to JobTech dev Docs to read more.

JobTech Ontology

An AI generated dictionary of competences from 6 million job postings

Af Job Postings

Current job postings (approximately 150 000 jobs) from Swedish Public Employment Service

Historical Job Postings

Historical job postings from 2006-2017 (3GB of data)


This is a development site, which means that we are doing our best to keep everything up and running but cannot guarantee full availability at all times.


Explore a wide range of stuff to borrow, copy, redistribute, package, develop, reinvent and modify as you wish - enjoy!

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Historical Data Analysis

Make smarter decisions with past data on job trends in various industry sectors


The JobScanner shows the potential and power of collecting all the recruitment needs of the labour market in one place


An example on how to use our Ontology API


The open source infrastructure in numbers.

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JobTech development

JobTech (job technology) is a collective term for technical innovation in the labour market sector. JobTech development is powered by the Swedish Public Employment Service, and is characterized by collaboration between several actors in the labour market arena. The sharing of common resources such as data provides better prerequisites to create and offer better end services.

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JobTech proposition

We are aiming for better matching by creating easier development. JobTech dev does it by providing an open source infrastructure, APIs and open data for the creations of different job market applications.

JobTech dev is currently investing in four strategic areas to build a minimal valuable infrastructure.

It is open, everyone can join, and when you contribute you get influence.

  • Open source
  • Open data
  • Collaboration

JobTech finance

The Swedish Public Employment Service’s financial investment in JobTech Dev. The budget reflects the estimated costs for personnel and technical resources required for each delivery.

JobTech Community

Find opportunities for collaboration around innovation, development and improvement of the Swedish labour market. We share and recieve data, experiences and knowledge.

This is an area where collaboration and building relationships through open source is made reality. Regardless if you are a developer, an innovator, an investor, a student...or something else.

In short - here is where we create value for Sweden!