From ego to eco

Making a stronger labour market through collaboration and open data

Today's job market offers plenty of digital matching and guidance services. A fragmented labour market with so many employment tools is difficult to navigate through for both jobseekers and employers.

JobTech Development has been implemented through a lean start-up method and is now an established unit at the Swedish Public Employment Service, working on sustainable and common infrastructure for digital matching services in Sweden. It is based on the idea of fewer silos and more common technical solutions and standards. Through collaborative initiatives, we would like to contribute to innovation and to building sustainable solutions, which are foolproof, accessible, and easy to use for anyone. We go from ego to eco!

At Jobtech Development, we welcome actors from both public and private sector in an open digital ecosystem, where we join forces to foster collaborations around data and data sharing. Currently, the ecosystem is enriched with approximately 200 companies and organizations that actively share data, knowledge, and code on our platform. All components and datasets are free of charge and available for anyone to use. We also collaborate with researchers and other actors who would like to get an in-depth insight into the labour market through the utilization of open data or technical innovation.

We are making together a stronger and inclusive labour market through collaborative initiatives and data sharing.