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Historical Ads

It gives a helicopter overview on how the need on the labour market has changed over time


Historical Jobs is a dataset with all the job abs, which have been published on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s Job Board (Platsbanken) since 2006. It contains data from job ads, for instance, information about occupation, employer, place, time, etc). The dataset includes approximately 6,9 million job ads nowadays. The dataset is continuously updated. It simplifies processes for building and training algorithms in relation to machine learning.


The API uses the dataset for historical ads and re-uses the code for JobSearch to build a new search for all job ads, which have been published on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s job board (Platsbanken) since 2006. The API’s first released beta version includes data between 2016-2021. All the job ads are enriched and include data about skills and remote work. The API Historical Ads makes it easier for those, who would like to make a practical use of labour market data. It allows it to be used in a more simple, comprehensive, and structured way. The API is easy to test and allows quickly download of large amounts of data. Nowadays, the API includes approximately 3.3 million job ads.

What problem does the product solve?

By using this product, it is possible to compare time periods, analyse, and follow trends within the labour market area.

For whom is the product created?

The API can be useful for companies, organisations and even private persons, who would like to use job ads’ data for analysis, as well to capture and follow trends within the labour market area.

Historical Advertisements: Opportunities and Limitations - Pathways to Ensuring Quality Data

The report, available in Swedish, highlights the opportunities and quality challenges, associated with job advertisements in relation to their usage in the context of matching, labour market insights, forecasting, and research.

Data format
1.23.1 Beta