Open Data and Technical Solutions

Open data and technical solutions that are free of charge and available for anyone to use. Our components create benefits for many.

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A widget that shows selected jobs from the Swedish Public Employment Service's Job Board (Platsbanken).

Connect Once

Transfer CV data, stored at the Swedish Public Employment Service, to external systems with the consent of the individual.

Digital Guidance and Linked Data

Project Fostering Digital Guidance in the Field of Education and Labour Market

A forecasting tool for occupational profiling by data-driven analysis of job advertisements. It provides both historical trends and projections of digital skills and professional titles.

Digital Vocational Career Guidance

Project Fostering Skills Development through Digital Vocational Career Guidance, Based on Enriched CV Information

Ecosystem for JobAds

It collects job advertisement data from private and public actors in a common digital ecosystem for better labour market statistics.

Ethics and digital matching

The project aims at raising questions about ethics and sustainability, related to digital matching.

Giglab Sverige

A National Policy Lab and Forum, aiming at highlighting challenges from different perspectives in the gig economy and the future labour market

Historical Ads

It gives a helicopter overview on how the need on the labour market has changed over time.

JobAd Enrichments

AI solution that identifies and extracts relevant information in unstructured job advertisements.

JobAd Links

It collects, organizes, navigates, and links to job advertisements from labour market actors

JobEd Connect

A matching solution that automatically links education programs to job occupations, based on the labour market’s demands


Search engine for job ads on Arbetsförmedlingens job board Platsbanken.

JobSearch Trends

It shows search behavior on the Swedish Public Employment Service’s Job Board Platsbanken over time.


Real-time data from all job ads, published by the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen).

Jobtech Atlas

A user interface, which shows the data available in the product Jobtech Taxonomy.

Jobtech Taxonomy

Job titles, concepts of competence and the link between occupations and skills.

Testbed and Demonstration Environment for Skills Development

Occupational Forecasts

Forecasts for recruitment needs and competitive situation in different occupations.

Open Platforms

A pilot project, aimed at making it easier for gig workers to use data that verifies the individual's experience, generated from the gig.

Personal Data and Data Portability

Project about Human-Centric Data Infrastructure for Data Portability

Taxonomy and Common Language

Project Fostering a Coherent Nomenclature in the Field of Education and Labour Market