13 July 2023

JobEd Connect Enriched with Labour Market Training Programs

The labour market training programs provided by the Swedish Public Employment Service (SPES) are now searchable and accessible for matching in the JobEd Connect API.

JobTech Development has made accessible the labour market training programs offered by the Swedish Public Employment Service (SPES) (in Swedish: Arbetsförmedlingen). These programs are now available as open data within the SUSA Hub and integrated into the JobEd Connect API. The labour market training programs can be found under the "Choose Education Form" dropdown menu, specifically labeled as "AF Labour Market Training Programs." (in Swedish: "AF arbetsmarknadsutbildningar" i filtret för utbildningsform).

The API JobEd Connect is a matching solution that automatically links education programs to job occupations, based on the labour market’s demands. It is also possible to find out which education program is closely associated with a particular job occupation, along with its highly in-demand skills.

"SPES distributes education programs across multiple categories to the SUSA Hub, including 'Testing and Assessment' and 'Preparatory Education.' However, we have decided to exclusively offer the labour market training programs through the JobEd Connect API. These programs are the ones of greater interest and relevance for our target audience, and they also provide better matching capabilities," says Carl Lernberg, Senior Developer and Product Lead, Linked Data at JobTech Development.

Read more about the JobEd Connect API here and test the component in our test environment.

Labour Market Training Programs via SPES into the SUSA hub
SPES via the Jobtech Unit and the Service Development Suppliers Unit have now completed the project, resulting in the integration of labour market training programs and procured training programs into the Sweden's National Education Database, the SUSA hub. Additionally, these trainings programs have been also made accessible as open data on utbildningsguiden.se.

SPES, via the Jobtech Unit, is coordinating a major government assignment in collaboration with seven other authorities, to develop a coherent data infrastructure for skills supply and lifelong learning. As part of the ongoing government assignment, SPES and the Swedish National Agency for Education (in Swedish: Skolverket) have cooperated to seamlessly map and integrate the labour market training programs.

Open Data: Value and Legal Requirements
The law on Accessibility of Data in the Public Sector (in Swedish: Lag (2022:818) om den offentliga sektorns tillgängliggörande av data) came into force on August 1, 2022, introducing new requirements on data collection and accessibility within the public sector.

Since its establishment, JobTech Development has been dedicated to the mission of promoting open data and facilitating accessibility to public sector’s data. Through our open platform, freely accessible APIs and datasets are available for anyone to utilize.

About the SUSA Hub
The SUSA Hub is Sweden's National Education Database, encompassing data and information about educational programs in the country under government supervision. This data is accessible to anyone interested in developing applications, websites, or other services based on the content provided by the SUSA Hub.

About Labour Market Training Programs
A Labour Market Training is a shorter vocational training program that is commissioned and funded by SPES. To be eligible to participate, individuals must be registered as job seekers at SPES and actively engaging in job search activities. However, these training programs are not eligible for student financial aid. Individuals may, instead, apply for compensation through the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (in Swedish: Försäkringskassan) in the form of activity or establishment support.

Why is it Important to Integrate Labour Market Training Programs into the SUSA Hub?
A labour market training program is designed to enhance an individual's skills and to pave the way to a profession with promising career opportunities. By incorporating data from these training programs, which receive funding from the SPES' labour market policy measures, the SUSA Hub expands its potential. This data integration opens up new possibilities for improved matching services that equip and empower individuals for career transitions or retraining.