22 November 2021

The API JobStream won Sweden API Award

A dedicated team at JobTech Development has caught up and mapped the users' needs by developing this API.

22 November 2021

Innovation is created when authorities and private actors work together

interview with Jobetech Developments COGregory Golding

20 November 2021

Get started with JobTech Development APIs

To make it even easier to use our APIs, we are organizing four webinars during the autumn where we provide a technical introduction and the opportunity to ask questions directly to our developers. The webinars are primarily targeting new and existing users, but are open to anyone who wants to know more about how our APIs can be used for the development of digital services for the labor market.

29 October 2021

Summary of eGoverment days (eFörvaltningsdagarna)

JobTech Development participated in the eGovernment Days October 27-28, where we exchanged experiences about open data and open-source code.

28 June 2021

Get inspired by

By using technology and open data from JobTech Development, the career platform has not only increased the benefits for its users, but also developed its business.

24 June 2021

Get inspired by JobAgent

The Swedish HR tech company JobAgent matches jobseekers and employers by highlighting the candidate's personal qualities rather than previous experiences. With the help of JobTech Development's APIs, the company has developed and improved its platform and received ideas for new, innovative solutions.

22 June 2021

Get inspired by Layke Analytics

The collaboration with JobTech Development has been of great importance to the startup company Layke Analytics, which offers a solution for intelligent screening of CVs.

16 February 2021

No one can solve the problem on their own, but we can do it together

Through a collaboration between Sweden's largest advertising and matching players, initiated by JobTech Development, it will be possible to show a comprehensive picture of all the job advertisements on the market - and jobseekers do not have to worry about having missed job opportunities. The technical solution is now being tested by a pilot in Platsbanken.

20 January 2021

JobTech Development - a cutting-edge project that many can learn from

Interview with Johan Linåker, Lund University, who is a follow-up researcher to JobTech Development and has reached halfway in his work to study how we, through collaboration and open data, build a digital ecosystem for the Swedish labor market

01 October 2020

We see a great need for collaboration on open data

interview with Jonas Södergren, Technical Manager at JobTech Development

14 September 2020

New AI solution improves job ads and streamlines digital matching services

New AI solution improves job ads and streamlines digital matching services

13 September 2020

Easier for job seekers to find the right one

Five questions to… Mattias Persson, developer responsible for the AI ​​solution JobAd Enrichments.